How to Prepare Your Home for Showing

How to Prepare Your Home for Showing

Prepare Your Home for a Showing

Once you have your home listed and even prior to listing , it’s vital spend some time and effort to prepare your home before you have people come to see it.

Here are some tips you can do that will significantly help prepare your home to increase how your place shows in the eyes of the buyer!

Improvements to Consider

This area deals with some of the bigger improvements you should consider doing…

This includes things such as:

Curb Appeal– Painting walls a bright, neutral color

– Improving “curb appeal”, e.g. landscaping, front walkway, outside look of home, etc

– Ensuring major home appliances are in good working order

– Removing old, bulky, or worn out furniture

– Old hot tubs and above-ground pools no longer in use?  It may be wise to have them removed.

There are many areas of a home and property that may need some attention to help prepare your home for sale… it’s easy for the years to slide by without really realizing how much we have accumulated, much of it we don’t even use.


Probably the most important area to focus on is making sure the house is clean! This means the kitchen and bathrooms should be sparkling, the living room and bedrooms should be vacuumed and dusted, and heavily used areas should be sprayed and wiped clean. You want your place to feel fresh and inviting!

Order Out of Clutter

Order Out of ClutterWe all tend to collect and accumulate “stuff”. However, once you’ve made the decision to move, it is a great idea to start to de-clutter your life!

Start by throwing away anything you haven’t touched or used in 3 years!  Although most of us do not enjoy this process it’s necessary, you’ll have a much easier move once your home is sold by greatly reducing the clutter prior to listing your property.

De-cluttering just makes for a much better showing of your home… often homeowners do not understand just how important this is.

Next, start organizing and boxing up all your cupboards and closets. Storage space is a very important aspect of a home that buyers look at, so cleaning yours out now will have a huge impression on those viewing your place (plus it will make it much easier on you when you are packing to move!)

Lighting to Help Prepare Your Home For a Showing

This is another really important area, because a dark house looks and feels smaller! So, before a showing, turn on EVERY light in the house. Open up the drapes and curtains to let in as much natural light as possible. This will make your place feel larger, friendlier, and more welcoming!

Tickle the Senses of the Purchaser

Warm TouchesRemember, people aren’t just experiencing your place with their eyes, they’re experiencing it with their whole range of senses. So, first off, make sure there are no offensive odors!

Pet odors can be a huge issue… we do become very accustom to our pets but other may notice the odor as soon as they walk into a home.  One of the best ways to clean up strong problem odors such as pets, odors from smoking mold and mildew is with an ozone generator.

They can be rented in most areas and they work wonders! Do follow the instructions… you will likely be required to leave the home for a day or seal the room that you are deodorizing.  Ozone at high level can be toxic.

If you have areas of the house that do not smell great, consider spraying them with a lysol disinfectant a day beforehand and then again the morning of the showing – especially areas where pets may frequent.

Another good tip is to bake a tray of cookies 1hr before the showing. The yummy smell will permeate throughout the home, and you will have some treats to share with the visitors.

The other thing to consider is the temperature! Depending on the time of year, make sure that your home is set to a comfortable temp, or else the people viewing your home will likely be distracted by being either uncomfortably hot or cold – and you don’t want that.

De-Personalize Your Home

De-Personalize Your HomeIt may sound like a cold thing to do, but it is recommended that to prepare your home for showing that you take down photos of the kids, family, pets, etc.  I know… that’s not going to be easy for any of us.

It is important that for the day of the showing the place feel as neutral as possible, and if on every wall and on every counter-top there are photo-frames reminding the buyers that this is someone’s beloved home… it brings in unwanted emotional connections that will make some people unconsciously uncomfortable and perhaps less likely to want to buy.

Remember, you are preparing to move to another home… in the long run you will see how much easier this preparation makes your future move when that day finally arrives!

The Warm Little Touches Will Help Prepare Your Home

Tickle the SensesThe best way to create a sublet sense of warmth and welcoming is by adding a few little touches… this does not need to be costly but it can add such a wonderful homey feeling when a possible purchaser arrives to view your home.

If your home shows well it’s of benefit for all who are involved with the marketing and eventual sale of your property.

Real estate agents appreciate when a home shows well, they will remember and look forward to returning with other possible purchasers.

A vase of fresh cut flowers on the living room table and on the kitchen counter, a small arrangement of candles and soaps in the bathrooms, well made beds – all these little touches go a long way to elicit a positive emotional response in potential buyers.

Again this does not need to take a lot of effort or cost but it’s so worth taking a little time on the smaller details.

Be Sure Your Valuables are Safe!

You are going to be having strangers roaming around your home, so it just makes sense and it’s very important to protect your valuables. It is best to put anything away that is important or valuable to you.  Please do not take this bit of advice lightly.

If your home if being prepared for an open house there could be a large attendance if it’s priced right and the market is active.  A real estate agent can be pulled in many directions and may not be able to personally attend to each visitor… it’s just best that you protect what’s important to you.

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